About Us

We’re providing guidance and tools to businesses serious about pivoting towards resilience and sustainability. We work with you to make meaningful changes happen.

Overcome Inertia

We See the FlipSide. It is Sustainability.

FlipSide Sustainability was founded in 2012 to bridge both the science-practice and planning-to-implementation gaps. We mobilize and accelerate practical guidance, tools, and resources across business units and industries.
We pride ourselves on co-creating practical and transformative solutions and coach them into practice.

Many companies face organizational inertia. We provide the analytics, scenarios, best practices and tailored solutions that break the cycle and help businesses leap forward toward sustainability. Are you a leader in government, business, NGOs, or another organization driven by:

  • A sustainability mandate, such as fulfilling fiduciary, social, and/or environmental responsibilities, or
  • A moral compass to look for practical low carbon, resilient solutions, or
  • A need for organizational change, to overcome inertia at a department or organizational level, or
  • Plainly see the writing on the wall and want to thrive under changing conditions

We’ll work with you to multi-solve, finding solutions with multiplie benefits. Our team works with you to overcome inertia, build your in-house capacity, and expand your organizations competencies in resilience and sustainability. We do this by sharing research, analysis, tools and technology. Importantly, we don’t stop there! We make sure that these solutions are situated and practiced at all levels of your organization. We ensure you get the practical tools you need to actively pivot towards a more resilient and sustainable way of doing business.

Coaching strategies and solutions into practice continues to be the backbone of what we do. In other words, we don’t write plans and recommendations that sit on shelves.


Why Us?

FlipSide Sustainability isn’t the new kid on the block.

We’ve been doing this work for almost two decades. While we often work with governmental organizations, our solutions are designed to be implemented by any business in any industry.

Our clients are driven to practice sustainability and advance social and environmental performance, while also building economic resilience and prosperity.

We’ll take the tools in our toolbox and share them with you, tailoring a program that is both feasible and actionable. Our process is never about putting ideas down on paper. Our goal is to help you actually do the work to mainstream sustainable practices within your organization.

Meet Our Team


Alison Shaw, PH.D., CPC

Founder, Sustainability Systems Specialist & Organizational Coach

Kacia Tolsma, MRM

Low Carbon Resilience Specialist & Planner


Deborah Harford, MA

Climate Adaptation & Resilience Specialist


Visualization Specialist & Planner

Kelly Learned, MEDes, RPP MCIP

Engagement Specialist & Planner

Suzan Lapp, Ph.D., P.Geo., P.Ag.

Climate Risk & Resilience Specialist

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