Dr. Alison Shaw

PH.D., CPC Sustainability Systems & Professional Coaching

What: A climate change and sustainability expert and organizational/professional coach.


Specialization: Climate change scenario development, sustainability systems, the integration of low carbon resilience approaches in planning, strategy, and management, nature-based solutions, organizational and professional coaching.


Experience: Alison was the first authorized research observer in the 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change process and has since been designing ways to integrate leading-edge climate action and sustainability into practice across disciplines, sectors, and scales. She straddles the worlds of thought leader in academia and practitioner. As Founder of FlipSide Sustainability, Alison is passionate about tailoring solutions that make a difference and using her organizational and professional coaching skills to implement them. She regularly contributes to research and is an expert on sustainability systems, low carbon resilience, and the integration of climate and sustainability into decision-making.


Fun Fact: Alison is passionate about catalyzing a new era of business consciousness, helping organizations navigate their way toward resilience and sustainability.

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