Purpose and profit actually makes good business sense! At FlipSide Sustainability we know that doing business right builds a better world for clients, employees, stakeholders and the environment.

Using pioneering approaches, we work with you to co-create solutions that have high-impact business outcomes and a low-impact footprint. You work with us to strategize and implement innovations that optimize your business results. Together we catalyze the next stage of business consciousness!


Promote organizational success. Keep your business sharp. Optimize capacity, productivity, retention and purpose while reducing environmental impact and saving costs at the same time.


Catalyze innovation. Does your culture support innovation? Build a culture that cultivates and drives innovation, continuously improving on everything you do.


Stay ahead of the curve. Is your business resilient? Plan amidst current and future sustainability and technology trends and position your business for the future. Join the next stage of business consciousness.

What Clients Say

Alison Shaw was a presenter and instructor of a values-based leadership workshop I attended. Impressed with her theoretical knowledge and practical approach, I asked if she would be willing to help me restructure the management of our organization around shared values. For the past two years Alison has provided guidance in steering us through major organizational change. Dr. Shaw has provided the right balance of political acumen and best business practices. I am truly grateful for the professional advice I receive and would recommend Alison Shaw as a values-based leadership coach for both business and government alike.
Ron Bowles
General Manager of Community Development / City of Campbell River
It is a rare opportunity to work with a consultant marked by brilliance, expertise and strategic practicality. Dr. Alison Shaw of Flipside Sustainability brings all of that and more to the table together with her team of talented experts. She worked with the Village to customize and deliver an innovative and exemplary asset mapping and visualization process that has helped set Salmo on our sustainable future. Dr. Shaw has our highest recommendation.
Diane Kalen-Sukra
Chief Administrative Officer / Village of Salmo
Dr. Shaw was a key member of cutting-edge climate change research exploring climate innovations in local British Columbia communities (www.mc-3.ca). She possesses a very ‘deep’ knowledge of sustainability drivers and barriers, and is herself highly innovative in designing solutions. Dr. Shaw has unique skill in bringing diverse groups of researchers, decision-makers from government and industry, practitioners and civil society leaders together on seminal sustainability issues and topics of our time. Her design and implementation of innovative learning and action platforms create the conditions needed to share ideas, co-create solutions, and collaboratively move forward.
Dr. Ann Dale
Professor, School of Environment & Sustainability, Royal Roads University, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, 2004-2014” and 2013 Winner of the Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize for Social Sciences / Sustainable Community Development
One thing I appreciated... [Alison] has a very gentle approach but she will dig deep into the areas of my personal resistance and often that is mixed in with the business matters... I can highly recommend coaching with Alison Shaw... and I will certainly do so again in the future.
Petra Mayer
Founder / Petra Mayer Consulting - Online Strategy Made Easy Vancouver, BC
With thirty years of producing marketing + communications solutions for Fortune 500 clients and governments, I can honestly say that I recommend Alison as a personal or organizational coach to help you achieve the outcome you desire.
John Watt
President & Creative Director / MegaWatt Productions Toronto, ON
FlipSide Sustainability will transform your business outlook and outcomes! Dr. Alison Shaw combines informed and inspired big-picture thinking with practical solutions customized to meet each clients’ needs. Her exceptional communication and coaching skills, along with her passion for collaborative problem-solving, ensure innovative yet realistic and integrated outcomes.
Joanne de Vries
Founder / Fresh Outlook Foundation Kelowna, BC
FlipSide Sustainability has the expertise to change minds and systems. I brought Dr. Shaw onto my health team to integrate sustainability into people's thinking about health on university and college campuses, including policy development, and to advance sustainable event planning. She had an important impact in shaping an international conference delegations' understanding of sustainability and how and why it is essential for health and health promotion for people and the planet. She smoothly introduced new ideas, took on leadership as needed and provided technical and practical support. In fact, she made significant contributions on three conference steering committees, facilitating international discussions, and bringing energy and focus to the writing of the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities & Colleges. She is highly skilled in drawing connections and in bringing people with diverse perspectives on board to better understand the advantages of moving toward sustainability and sustainable approaches.
Dr.Claire Budgen
PhD, RN Wellbeing Project Lead, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal, Principal Investigator Campus Health, Interior Health, Associate Professor Emerita / Nursing
Alison is a pioneer in creating processes of social learning around sustainability, and a delight to work with. Her deep collegiality and commitment to integrative and participatory process are important tools in the transition to sustainable futures.
Dr. John Robinson
Ph.D., Professor / Munk School of Global Affairs and School of Environment, University of Toronto Toronto, ON, 2012 Canadian Geographic Scientist of the Year.

Sustainability? Of course! But how?

Our leading-edge FLIP2.0 System is a customized process that helps clients from all industries and sectors optimize within rapidly changing business, technology and policy trends. We offer organizational strategy and integration services that build awareness, generate value and catalyze sustainability innovation throughout your organization.

Work with us to build high impact outcomes with a low impact footprint.

Are you experiencing organizational (cultural) and/or operational (systems) problems? We work with you and your team to find the solutions. The FlipSide team uses proven approaches to increase productivity and retention, develop resource efficiency and savings, and integrate strategies that lower your footprint while helping you stay sharp and on the cutting-edge of sustainability innovation.

Work with us and optimize your culture, innovate your systems, and position for the next stage of business consciousness.

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