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We take an organization-wide approach, identifying levers and strategies that promote thriving under changing conditions.

Learn How to Leap Forward

We’ll Help You Pivot.

Our team doesn’t just help you think about change; we equip clients and organizations with actionable tools to meet the changes head on. We work with your internal experts, building their capacities to develop practical strategies that enhance cultural and environmental performance, economic resilience and prosperity. FlipSide’s approaches are tried and tested. We give you the tools to proactively pivot your business.

Flipside Sustainability

Our Key Services Include:

  • Advisory & Research
  • Professional & Organizational Coaching
  • Embedding Resilience
  • Facilitating Engagement & Co-Creation

The end result: an organization with a sense of purpose that reflects 21st-century conditions and proactively pivots toward resilient, low carbon solutions, and practically embeds sustainability best practices into everything they do.

Our support can range from risk and vulnerability analysis and scenario development to coaching toward renewed organizational priorities.

We work with our clients to frame current and forthcoming climate and sustainability challenges and operationalize the solutions, always using the best available approaches and tools. We meet you where you’re at and focus our energy on building you a roadmap to get you where you need to be.

We work with:

  • Municipal, provincial, and federal levels of governments
  • Public sector organizations
  • Private entities and businesses
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Universities and higher education establishments
  • National and international Think Tanks and development organizations
  • Conferences and events

Our services focus on actionable solutions. Our ideal client recognizes that they need to change but may not know-how. We support these clients in understanding the shifting conditions within their industry. We’ll draw on their particular strengths, and work with them to build scenarios and prioritize solutions for how and when to pivot. We work with clients committed to leaping forward.

Our Tailored Approach.

Because each company is unique, our approach is tailored to the specific needs of the organization we work with.

Our recommendations would never be cookie cutter. Instead, we seek to understand the underpinnings of your industry and organization, ranging from purpose to strategy, structure to operations. This makes us uniquely positioned to advise on best practices and next steps. We meet you where you are and position you for where you need to be.

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