Let us help you optimize your business and catalyze your legacy. Build high-impact outcomes with a low-impact footprint.

  • You understand that business-as-usual is unsustainable and that critical clients, governments, and markets worldwide are making sustainability a requirement for business performance and engagement.
  • You know that integrating sustainability into your business or organization has many advantages, the largest being that it is far more likely to survive and thrive into the future.
  • You recognize there are risks to not paying attention to this accelerating shift in business practice and consciousness.
  • You seek support in proactively adapting and advancing your business or organization into this next stage of business consciousness.

At FlipSide we understand that many private and public sector organizations struggle to understand rapidly changing regulatory, market and consumer demands.

Our leading-edge FLIP2.0 System is designed to help your business navigate, adapt and proactively advance under rapidly changing conditions.

  • Gain awareness: develop a systems understanding of your organization and its position within your industry, anticipating sustainable-oriented trends,
  • Create value: integrate social and environmental goals and decisions into your strategy and operations, optimizing performance and leveraging the existing value within your organization, and
  • Catalyze innovation: anticipate and respond to strategic short and long run opportunities, catalyzing sustainability innovation within your organization and industry.

At FlipSide we synthesize a full spectrum of expert services. We combine pioneering sustainability consulting and coaching to put cutting-edge business strategy to action.

Areas of Specialization

  • Systems-based approaches and tools
  • Sustainability strategy and planning
  • Sustainability coaching
  • Sustainability communications
  • Science, policy, technology trends
  • Visualization and foresighting approaches
  • Collaborative engagement techniques

Services & Support

  • Research & Advisory Services
  • Scenario Development & Trend Analysis
  • Sustainability Integration
  • Values Blueprint™ Assessment & Analysis
  • Business & Organizational Coaching
  • Sustainability Innovation
  • Collaborative Learning & Action Platforms
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