The co-benefits of climate action

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image5The co-benefits of climate action are significant but still underreported. What scientists and leading urban planners and CEO’s have known for awhile is that there are many reasons to act on climate change that do not necessarily relate to reducing emissions or vulnerability to climate impacts. Co-benefits are those decisions made that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or that help communities, businesses and organizations adapt to real and projected impacts of climate change (e.g. more extreme storm events) that have beneficial spin-off effects.  For example, active transportation planning helps develop walkable and bike-able communities reducing residents’ commuting GHGs, providing healthy transport options, while also leading to lower rates of obesity, stress and hypertension. Another co-benefit critical to businesses or organizations: reduce emissions and save money.

Dr. Alison Shaw of FlipSide Sustainability participated in a national e-dialogue held by Canada Research Chair, Ann Dale, on Sustainable Community Development Research. Professor Ann Dale and eight leading thinkers chatted online in real-time, discussing the benefits of co-benefits of climate action. View the transcript of the conversation that took on Tuesday, June 28 from 10-11:30 PST at


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