We have what it takes to optimize your business.

The FlipSide team brings a full spectrum of expertise to change perspectives and systems. We co-create and integrate high-impact outcomes with a low-impact footprint, helping you enter the next stage of business consciousness.

  • Alison Shaw
    Alison Shaw Ph.D., CPC Sustainability Systems & Professional Coaching

    Alison, Founder and Principal at FlipSide Sustainability, is passionate about catalyzing sustainability action. Combining almost two decades of climate change and sustainability expertise with professional coaching experience, she works with clients to leverage business opportunities and leadership, changing the way business gets done. She is the FLIP2.0 System lead, customizing the FlipSide team to meet clients unique needs.

  • Kirthi Roberts
    Kirthi Roberts P.Eng, Ph.D. Sustainability & Technology Systems

    Kirthi is committed to business and technology innovation and contributing to improving the environment and community at large. He has almost fifteen years experience as a sustainability management professional (SMP) and professional engineer (P.Eng), developing science, technology and policy solutions in the areas of energy, climate change and environmental policies, and sustainable
    development. With FLIP2.0, Kirthi helps clients identify sustainability and technology opportunities.

  • Dave Flanders
    Dave Flanders CSLA, RPP Scenario Development & Strategy Visualization

    David develops future scenarios and corresponding imagery to activate clients. He uses engagement processes alongside science-driven 3D and 4D computer visualizations in order to address key risks and impacts of social and environmental change. He works clients to co-develop strategic responses, particularly climate adaptation and mitigation planning. In Flip2.0 he helps us consider the short and long-term risks, impacts, and opportunities to improve business and community resilience.

  • Christina Cook
    Christina Cook LL.B., Ph.D. Environmental Law & Governance

    Christina applies her strong analytical skills and corporate law experience to issues of environmental governance (law, policy, and institutional relationships). She utilizes her expertise to better understand the changing nature of environmental governance, examining how it is effecting and effected by private and public sector organizations.

  • Sonia Atelier
    Sonia Atelier M.Sc. Eng. Project & Environmental Management

    Sonia possesses both technical and communications expertise to simplify technical information for non-specialist audiences.She uses her environmental engineering background to design environmental strategies that build strength in the private sector, inspiring the best approaches for environmental management.

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