We believe in collective knowledge and the power of networks for action. Complex issues require considered dialogue,
collective understanding, and collaborative responses.

Collaborative learning platforms have the potential to:

  • quickly advance understanding of critical challenges facing your organization, business, or industry,
  • encourage best practices for addressing it,
  • promote networks of practice that reframe business as usual, and in the process,
  • co-create change and intervention at a systemic level.

Collaborative platforms have the potential to intervene in larger systems, encouraging learning and action, and gaining traction in the sustainability transition and in the new era of business consciousness.

We activate and mobilize collaborative platforms around shared issues in order to promote dialogue, share lessons, and innovate on a systemic scale. We coordinate and manage collaborative learning and action platforms to advance learning and accelerate action. Types of platforms include:

  • strategic sustainability partnerships;
  • peer-to-peer learning platforms;
  • business-supplier-consumer learning platforms
  • industry-wide networks of practice; and
  • issue-driven cross-sectoral networks.

Cross sector network formation, expanded notions of multi stakeholder governance, and Business to Business (B2B) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are becoming the norm for business and governance. Collaborative networks around sustainable procurement, ethical supply chains, and sustainable systems, have the potential to provide value that extends beyond the abilities of one business, one policy, or one mandate.

Technological change, climate change planning, outcome indicators for improved social and environmental systems, transparency, real accounting, dignity and fairness, food security, etc. in the workplace
are emerging as critical challenges of our time. Linking relevant businesses, governments, and civil society actors through collaborative
platforms encourages cross sector dialogue, collective understanding,
and collaborative action among business, government, academia, and civil society.

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