In a world that’s changing so rapidly, balancing
adaptability and strategy become the greatest skills we have.

We use professional business and organizational coaching to help businesses and organizations identify strategic sustainability innovations. The FLIP2.0 System puts the critical pieces together coaching your business or organization to seize opportunity in the complexity.

FlipSide coaches people to uncover the big assumptions that prevent adaptation at the organizational scale. Working at different levels, we coach individuals, and thus organizations, to move beyond the status quo, building strategic capacity and the ability to identify change as
an advantage.

  • Professional/Business Coaching:  we
    work one-on-one with professionals to identify areas of resistance,
    developing strategies to help you overcome them and to advance your own unique potential.
  • Organizational Coaching: we coach leaders, executives, and staff as part of the FLIP2.0 System’s structured organizational coaching
  • program.

Through coaching we have seen first-hand how creating the space and time needed to unravel resistance leads to exponential reward.

Adaptation, growth, and the ability to seize new opportunities are those rewards.

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